The Dreaded Slump

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Slump definition: sit, lean, or fall heavily and limply, especially with a bent back That’s what I look like in a design slump. Poor posture and staring at a white, open computer document with only the content boxed out. I … Continued

Persistence Pays Off

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We have all heard the encouraging phrase, “Persistence pays off.” In fact, I can hear my mom repeating it to me as I was practicing piano. Sigh. In that instance, persistence resulted in knowing how to find middle C and … Continued

Designing Is Like Gardening

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It’s March! Do you know what that means?! It’s time to start planting your garden! If you’re like my fiancé, you started planning the layout of next year’s garden at the end of the previous year’s harvest. Layout and Design: … Continued

Continuing to Learn

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Sometimes when I’m surrounded by all the eager young faces in agriculture, I feel so old. I lament “how will I ever keep up with them?” But then I stop and think how fortunate I am to be involved in … Continued

December 2016 Heartbeat

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Hungry Holidays We are blessed to live and work in Iowa where safe, abundant, and wholesome food is readily available. Heartland Marketing Group proudly works with companies involved in the production of food plentiful enough for not only residents of … Continued

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