December 2016 Heartbeat

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Hungry Holidays We are blessed to live and work in Iowa where safe, abundant, and wholesome food is readily available. Heartland Marketing Group proudly works with companies involved in the production of food plentiful enough for not only residents of … Continued

September 2016 Heartbeat

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What’s Your Problem? When we ask this question, we don’t want you to picture a frazzled mom with hands on her hips addressing her petulant tween. We know you have the image in your mind! Instead, we want you to … Continued

August 2016 Heartbeat

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Nothing Lazy About These Summer Days HMG has been enjoying a busy and productive summer, working with long-standing clients on their communications needs as well as proudly assisting several new clients with their projects. Here’s what we’ve been up to! … Continued

June 2016 Heartbeat

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All Things in Moderation Barb has expanded her skill set and as a result, HMG has expanded its repertoire! Drawing on her breadth of experience Barb now offers her services as a moderator for events including webinars and panel discussions. Recently, … Continued

Heartbeat – April 2016

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Numbers Can Be Numbing We all know that one person who can do incredibly complex math calculations in their head. Without pencil, paper, calculator, or slide rule, they comprehend what the numbers means and how they co-exist. It’s natural for … Continued

Heartbeat – March 2016

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Springing into Action As the snow melts into memories, birds fill the air, the days grow longer, and we look forward to the spring season and all that it brings. Your team at Heartland Marketing Group has been busy springing … Continued

Joy and Goodwill – December 2015 Heartbeat

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IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR As carols and traditional songs fill the air, decorations brighten our lives, and the spirit of goodwill abounds, we look forward to celebrating Christmas. Again in 2015, Heartland Marketing Group purchased ground … Continued

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