Designing Is Like Gardening

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Designing Is Like Gardening

It’s March! Do you know what that means?! It’s time to start planting your garden! If you’re like my fiancé, you started planning the layout of next year’s garden at the end of the previous year’s harvest.

Layout and Design: When gardening, the design and layout of the garden is crucial to various plant’s survival. How much room will a certain plant need to grow to its potential? Does it do well with a certain other plant? Does it need to be in shade or sunlight? How many should you plant based on how much it will yield? Designing a marketing campaign needs the same attention when it comes to layout and design. What colors and typefaces will represent your campaign? How will your design look on different platforms? How is the design comparing to other designs competitors are using in the same market? Too much design and it becomes busy, and the message is lost. Too little design and it will lose its professional look and feel.

When canning produce, you are taking an existing item and making something new out of it, like taking tomatoes and making spaghetti sauce. You should treat your design work the same way and give an existing design a fresh revamp to meet your audience’s needs. Your audience will be attracted to elements that look good, and the design is typically the first thing they will see. Give the right impression. After all, you reap what you sow. So, sow something great!

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