The Dreaded Slump

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The Dreaded Slump

Slump definition: sit, lean, or fall heavily and limply, especially with a bent back
That’s what I look like in a design slump. Poor posture and staring at a white, open computer document with only the content boxed out. I move the text around a bit more…maybe here…or here…I save and close out the document. Right now, it’s a lost cause. What the heck do I do now?

Slumps don’t just happen with designers but with a whole company. You launched your new website, posted your mailers, and press releases were published. Everything looked amazing. Now the momentum is waning and growing into uneasiness. What happened?

This isn’t unusual. It’s the post-launch slump and there are ways to minimize it.

Commit to Regular Communication
It may sound obvious, but regular, even scheduled, communication is important. Whether it’s following up your campaign with a small gift or just having conversations, staying engaged helps you keep on track to reach you and your customers goals.

Celebrate Small Wins
Small incremental improvements add up to bigger wins. Taking the moment to recognize reaching smaller goals highlights positive movement and leads to more engagement and energy all around.

Think Big and Bigger
Just because you celebrate small wins, doesn’t mean you should take your eye off the big picture. Keep building brand awareness and think long term. Small goals should be a step ladder to a larger goal.

So now I am back in front of my computer with the design document open and brainstorming layouts, color schemes, and logo placement. Keeping the drive, I strategize to create a design which tells a story.

Is your business in a slump? Let HMG help you gain momentum again.

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