February 2017 Heartbeat

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February 2017 Heartbeat


February is heart month and we just celebrated Valentine’s Day. Because we are the company with a heart, we thought it would be appropriate to share with you the top ten list of things we love!

  1. Our customers! Without them, we’d be nothing!
  2. Telling stories. We’re all about giving voice to our customers.
  3. Building relationships. Knowing our customers and vendors helps us succeed.
  4. Being creative. Telling stories visually excites us.
  5. Learning constantly. Expanding our knowledge base means better service.
  6. Speaking socially. Social media is the new frontier and we’re there.
  7. Leveraging experience. We know stuff and put it to use for our customers.
  8. Jumping in. We go where our customers need us.
  9. Celebrating successes. When a plan comes together, we see results.
  10. Each other. HMG is a great place to work – see 1-9 above!

Thanks to our customers for trusting us to tell your story!


HMG has been busy this winter with clients new and loyal, creating tools to help achieve communications objectives. Take a look at our portfolio!


Truth is, no one will know unless you tell them! Load up your communications strategy with the mission of feeding existing customer relationships and appealing to prospects, too. You can’t over-communicate! Be prepared. Be timely. Be successful!

HMG can help you design a marketing communications strategy to reach those goals.

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