The Joy of the Abnormal and Unusual

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The Joy of the Abnormal and Unusual

This work from home (WFH) pandemic has caused all of us to groan with exasperation at times. Perhaps your Zoom meeting did not connect the way it should. Maybe a suddenly called video conference caught you looking shall we say, not your professional best. Could be that one of your children escaped from the “totally cool, should keep them entertained for an hour” activities you had planned. Let’s face it – we are definitely not doing business as usual.

But let’s stop and think about that a minute. Since it’s not business as usual, what are the unexpected fun and creative thoughts you and your team have been able to come up with? Thinking about communications and marketing from a totally different perspective is not all bad. Taking the time to talk with people we are usually too busy to visit with is not bad. Connecting by FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or whatever platform you prefer is not bad compared to not seeing your teammates for weeks now.

One of the unusual things we’ve had here at our house is our son who works in the hospitality industry, meaning sells big conventions and events kind of hospitality industry, came to stay with us and it’s really worked well. In fact, he has been my IT director during this time. I’m sure Katie and Jen were glad for the break from helping me. He has helped my husband Steve plant all of our crops and he was definitely a welcome addition to the farm team here. We have also spent fun times discussing the history of the neighborhood, our farm and the families who have been here for over 100 years. All items you don’t get to during a quick long weekend visit.

A not fun activity has been cleaning and pitching in our farmhouse where we have lived for 37 years. We have raised our kids here, brought together all the cool items of our backgrounds, and lots of items from our parents’ homes. Both of those have been cleaned out in the last 10 years. So, yes, we had boxes, lots of boxes, way too many boxes! But hey, running our company, being involved in the farm, raising three children and lots of volunteer hours for several organizations, especially 4-H and pork, take a lot of time. Didn’t leave much time for cleaning out boxes either!!

Working on all these projects for both Heartland Marketing and the farm and the boxes has given me a chance to think about the unique ways we can still maintain good customer service and change the way we do business. How about you? What are the abnormal and unusual items you have learned, discussed or accomplished during the quarantine time? Are you ready to put those ideas to use as we have all learned to do business differently? I’m definitely ready to get back to the office and try some of these ideas.

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