Complimentary Color Gardening

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Complimentary Color Gardening

I think a lot about color in my everyday life…maybe a little too much…but I can’t help it, it’s my job! While planning out my flower pots this year I noticed myself thinking how certain flowers look better together, but not just that they looked better together, but the reason why they worked well side by side.

I like to think about how the basic, simple colors pair with their compliment and go from there. Below is how I subconsciously break it down in my mind when I am pairing colors.

Red’s Compliment = Green

Blue’s Compliment = Orange

Yellow’s Compliment = Purple

Most other colors typically will be a tint or shade of one of these that you can base off the original color and find it’s compliment that way. But…sometimes I even need a little complimentary color inspiration and I often find myself visiting That’s not to say that only complimentary colors work well together. Mixing and matching all kinds of colors will work, but this is at least a subconscious starting point for me.

Happy summer color pairing!

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